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Can I get a prescription refill from my cardiologist?

Unfortunately, no. Our cardiologists do not do prescriptions refills, even if they were the ones to prescribe them. Please visit your family doctor or a walk-in clinic for this request.

I need to change an upcoming appointment. What is the best way to do that?

Appointments can only be scheduled over the phone or in person. Please do not email a request to book or change an appointment.

What are beta blockers and/or calcium channel blockers that I need to stop taking for my exercise stress test?

If you take any of the following medication, please do not take them the morning of your test (unless instructed otherwise). You may bring them with you to take afterwards.

Acebutolol, apo-diltiaz, apo-nadol, apo-pindol, apo-timolol, atenolol, betaloc, bisoprolol, cardizem, carvedilol, coreg, corgard, diltiazem, isoptin, labetalol, Lopressor, metoprolol, monitan, monocor, nadolol, nimotop, novo-pindol, nu-diltiaz, nu-metop, nu-pindol, nu-timolol, oxprenolol, pindolol, propranolol, rhotral, sectral, slow-trasicor, sotacor, sotalol, tenoretic, Tenormin, tiazac, timolol, trandate, trasicor, verapamil, viskazide, visken.

I was just discharged from the hospital and was asked to follow-up with your clinic. Can I book an appointment?

For us to properly book your follow-up, we need to receive paperwork from the hospital which could take a couple days. If you do not hear from our office after a week since you have been discharged, please contact our office.

Is there parking at your building?

Yes, we do have a parking lot located behind the building which you can enter from Gladwin Road. And it’s free!

Can I see/speak with my cardiologist sooner than the appointment I currently have scheduled?

If you require an appointment sooner than one that is already scheduled, please reach out to your family doctor to send us an urgent or semi-urgent referral. “Quick” phone calls also count as appointments.

What foods are higher or lower in potassium?

Please click here to see chart for reference.

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